Microprism Home Integration Exercises

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The wait is over and you have received your shiny new Microprism lenses, great start!

They may initially feel a bit odd when you first put them on. This is most likely due to the fact that following a consultation, your visual system can revert back to its old habituated patterns. If this happens, it can lock you into ways of seeing that makes it harder to adapt to the new prescription, making it appear that it is not working or is wrong.

Prismatic integration allows for a realignment and harmonization of the visual system, bringing back the dynamic you arrived at during your consultation. It relaxes the visual system, creating an easier transition from the old to the new.

You can do these exercises whenever your muscles are fatigued or over-worked and need resetting/re-aligning.

Grab your specs and follow along with our home integration tutorial video, or keep scrolling for the steps below.

With your glasses on, move your eyes up and down, and then side to side. Which movement feels more comfortable, or makes you breathe more evenly?

Home Integration Step 1

Remove your glasses, and holding them by the arms, turn them facing towards you and then upside down. Balance them lightly on the bridge of your nose.

Home Integration Step 2

With your eyes looking straight ahead, move your glasses…

Down and up

Home Integration Step 3

in and out

Home Integration Step 4


Home Integration Step 5

Which movement feels more comfortable, or makes you breathe more evenly?

Now combine the eye movement and glasses movement that felt the most comfortable.

Home Integration Step 6

Do this for 20-30 seconds at a time, as often as needed.