We Combine Innovative Microprism™ Lenses And Our Accredited Methodology, Quantum Photo Somatics With The Aim To Improve Your Vision, Mind and Health

For over 20 years, we’ve been pioneering a holistic approach that’s helped 9,315+ people improve their vision and health

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We’ve Helped 9,315+ People Improve Their Vision And Quality Of Life

For the past 20+ years, Microprism Vision has helped 9,315+ people in Melbourne and around the world to improve their vision and health. Our unique methodology, Quantum Photo Somatics is pioneered by Dr. Michael Christian.

We incorporate behavioural optometry and Quantum Photo Somatics into our treatment. The aim is to improve your vision, mind and body health – so you become less reliant on your prescription over time, rather than rely on it more with each passing year.

Our Goal Is To Reduce Deterioration And Improve Your Vision and Health In As Little As 6 Months

At Microprism Vision, we take a holistic approach to eye, mind and body health. Rather than look at your eyes in isolation, we assess your vision, mind and body as a whole. This enables us to not just improve your vision, but also your overall health and wellbeing.

To achieve this, we use top-quality prism lenses that are finely customized to your needs.

Wearing these glasses is a bit like sending your eyes to the gym – they aim to strengthen your vision and reduce visual deterioration over time. With success, you can improve your eyesight, reduce your dependence on prescription lenses, and enjoy a better quality of life.

To date, our ground-breaking methodology has achieved some jaw-dropping results…


Average Improvement in Short Sightedness over 5 Visits

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Average Improvement in Long Sightedness over 5 Visits

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Average Improvement in Astigmatism over 5 Visits

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Average Improvement in Reading Addition over 5 Visits

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*The following data was extrapolated in 2015 from a sample of 2897 patients from the Microprism Vision patient database (all with 2 or more visits) and a total of 14,509 visits, with the number of visits for a particular patient varying from 2 to 33. A range of starting prescriptions of similar value were tracked over visits, plotting the average prescription changes over time.

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Cutting Edge

Our Microprism™ lenses act like a gym for your eyes, with the aim of strengthening and improving your vision within 6 months just by wearing them


Unlike many new approaches which aren’t based on scientific proof, our approach comes from decades worth of research and results in eye, mind and body health

Improved Patient

Our aim is to improve your vision and health, reduce your prescription over time, and provide relief from headaches, neck pain, dizziness and other health symptoms

Holistic Approach To
Eye Health

Our holistic approach incorporates neuroplasticity and muscle memory, with the aim of achieving better outcomes for our patients

100-Day Microprism Guarantee

Quantum Photo-Somatics is a dynamic process, activating the system to begin rearranging and realigning itself to a state of ease. On average, follow-up consultations resulting in a change of prescription occur on a 6-monthly basis. In most cases this is a decrease of prescription, allowing the system to continue moving forward. Where a prescription has increased, it is an indicator that more support is required at that moment, and will likely come down when conditions change. 

However, if your new lenses aren’t delivering the comfort or improvement you expected within 100 days, we’re here for you. We’ll re-evaluate your eyes and make any adjustments that are required.

In the majority of cases, we find that a brief 15-30 minute consult suffices to determine the issue, and is usually a matter of further integration, or a slight adjustment to the prescription. These consultations are available free of charge within the 100 day warranty period. 

Progress and Support: In some cases, changes occuring as a result of the process may temporarily create some discomfort. Different stages of progress may require varying levels of support in order to reach the desired outcome. 

Consultation Fees: A consultation fee will be charged for consultations extending to an hour or more, given the extensive work involved.

Discounted Lenses: If the outcome of your consultation is a significant decrease of prescription, new lenses will be prescribed at a 30% discount. Lens remakes under warranty are not honored for obvious improvements.

Warranty Lens Remakes: If there’s another significant shift within the next 100 days, we will remake your lenses free of charge. 

As the outcomes of this work are highly individual, the application of this policy will have variability depending on the case, and is continually being adapted as the modality itself evolves.

Introducing Dr. Michael Christian, Optometrist And Founder Of Microprism™ Vision and Quantum Photo Somatics

Dr. Michael Christian BSc (Hons), BSc (Optom) PhD, is an optometric physician with over 20 years of experience, and the founder of Microprism™ Vision and Quantum Photo Somatics (QPS) Therapy. Focusing on behavioural optometry and QPS, Dr. Christian takes a holistic approach to treat the underlying cause of the eye condition of each patient.

Quantum Photo Somatics (QPS), is an endorsed and accredited field with the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies). As a highly respected figure in the field of behavioural optometry, Dr Christian has spoken at conferences, universities and optometry conventions throughout the past 20 years.

Meet The Other Members Of
Our Warm And Welcoming Team


Alina is passionate and engaging, bringing certifications in health coaching and Spinal Energetics to empower sustainable behaviour change. She is excited about helping people unlock their highest potential, delivering focussed, friendly service and attention.

Alina is also a talented digital designer. Her creative and interpersonal abilities combined in health expanding fields enables smooth integration of processes and delivery. Alina embraces team spirit and bringing people together.


Jed’s personal philosophy is rooted in empowering others and creating a positive perspective of life and circumstances. With a genuine nurturing nature, combined with diligent professionalism and high standards, he provides attention to detail.

From broad life experience Jed can relate to many people, their dreams and frustrations. Jed’s work life experience also includes manufacturing, analysis, quality control and retail.


Joseph takes genuine interest in listening to people’s frustrations, their lives, achievements and everything that encompasses them as individuals. He loves building rapport and solid relationships with patients and enjoys facilitating and implementing the best solutions to see best results.

Joseph also has a keen interest and expertise in fashion, marketing and IT, keeping up to date with the latest trends and environments.


Aiden’s passion lies in empowering individuals to discover balance and self-confidence within themselves. He injects vibrant energy, a sense of enjoyment, and a touch of creativity into the team dynamic.

Aiden brings a diverse background encompassing coaching, customer service, and marketing. He’s excellent at communicating, solving problems, and thinking critically.


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