Science-Backed Microprism™ Lenses Aim To Improve Vision ‘Like A Gym For Your Eyes’

Sick of wearing glasses or contact lenses? Suffer from headaches, dizziness and brain fog while your sight and quality of life deteriorate? Then you need to see this…

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Optometrist in Melbourne

Microprism Vision can provide prism glasses and other corrective solutions that are designed to enhance your vision and improve your wellbeing. Our holistic optometrist in Melbourne offers solutions that promote neuroplasticity and muscle memory, with the aim of improving your natural vision and reducing your prescription over time. This has the added benefit of alleviating various vision-related conditions. Discover what our Melbourne optometrist can do for you.

Melbourne Optometrist And Quantum Photo Somatics Physician Aims To Improve Your Vision Within 6 Months

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?

Is impaired vision impacting your health and overall quality of life?

You may believe there’s no way to resolve these issues… that your vision and health will slowly deteriorate until you need thick coke bottle lenses just to see your reflection in the mirror.

At Microprism Vision, we want to reverse this long-held belief. Combining innovative prism lenses with a science-backed methodology, we aim to not only prevent further deterioration in your eyesight, but actively improve it within 6 months. Read More

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Your Vision, Your Body
The physical and mental processes that go into our ability to see are among the most complicated of our anatomy. The eye itself is a true wonder of physiology that is also supported by every aspect of our body, from our posture to how we hold a book or smartphone when we read and our mind. This also means that any health or physical issues that we encounter can have a detrimental effect on our ability to see.

Our vision, and the health problems that can affect your eyesight, are as much about mental processes as physical ones. When eyesight deteriorates, it is often because of a particular habit or behaviour we are exhibiting that we have failed to address. As we get older, our ability to process visual information can often decrease. We no longer make the vital connections between our neural pathways and our focal and other parts of the body that enable us to see clearly.

Our Aims as Optometrists

With this understanding in mind, we would like to invite you to come and see how our Quantum Photo Somatics practitioner and optometrist in Melbourne aims to help you retain and improve your eyesight with science-backed techniques. Our practice was founded by Dr Michael Christian, who has been a leading Melbourne optometrist for over two decades and whose vision encompasses vision focus and overall health improvement paired with the ability to significantly reduce prescriptions.

Our goal has not been to simply offer corrective measures to our patients but to improve their health, vision, reduce discomfort and eye strain and offer an alternative to the often inevitable worsening sight that can come with repeat prescriptions. Healthy eyesight isn’t just about the integrity of your eye but about mental stability, self-confidence, and physical health to support your visual processes. That’s why our Quantum Photo Somatics physician and optometrist in Melbourne offers therapeutic treatments that look at your health as a whole and how your personal habits can aid or detract from healthy vision.

We Don’t Just Correct the Problem – We Aim to Improve Your Eyesight

By visiting an optometrist at Microprism Vision, you are seeking and expecting the best care. We’re a leading light in vision and health improvement, not just for the number of patients we have treated, but for our aim to significantly reduce prescriptions to support better vision and health.

This is achieved through a range of cutting-edge assessments that are designed to look at your health and body as a whole and identify the habitual behaviours that impact your vision. address and redirect the problems with a range of relaxing but highly effective therapeutic treatments and very specific, unique lens and prism combinations.

How Our QPS practitioner & Optometrist in Melbourne Can Help You

Whether you need a behavioural optometrist for children or adults, Microprism Vision can provide solutions to change and alleviate your specific conditions.

Our QPS practitioner and optometrist in Melbourne can assist patients with many different conditions, including dyslexia, lazy eye treatment, stress, fatigue, headaches, learning difficulties, vertigo, glare and vision anomalies. In addition to a basic eye test in Melbourne, our clinic offers an extensive range of services, some of which include:

    • Neuro-Rehabilitative Optometry – Aims to strengthen neurological pathways affected by concussion, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, closed brain injuries and other neurological diseases.
    • Behavioural Optometry – A behavioural optometrist deals with vision problems caused or exacerbated by dyslexia and concentration disorders by changing spatial perspective with appropriate lenses.
    • Quantum Photo Somatics – Addresses how posture, movement, balance, breath and emotional states can cause vision anomalies. Application of quantum principles that uses tailored lens and prism combinations to enhance vision, mind and body health.
    • Retinal Photography and Optical Coherence Tomography– State-of-the-art technologies that can identify and diagnose macular degeneration, glaucoma and other conditions.
    • Nutritional Advice – Reliable advice (based on nutrition qualification) and recommendations on how to improve your eye health with healthy nutritional habits.

Our website provides further information on Microprism Vision comprehensive range of services.

The Latest in Assessment & Treatment

We treat the whole range of eye conditions, from poor vision and issues with your cataracts to strabismus and lazy eye treatment. We don’t expect you to be an expert in ophthalmology, nor will we send you away without getting closer to understanding the reasons you might be experiencing trouble with your eyesight. You’ll come away with a new understanding of your eyesight and the ammunition and support that aims to improve it.

Our initial eye test in Melbourne will be an assessment of your eye functionality before we get further into eye health examinations

We can then get into a wide variety of treatments. These can include:

  • Virtual Reality Therapy – This is an advanced therapy tool we call Vivid Vision. . It is a completely immersive technique that combines both virtual reality and established visual therapy methods. We use 3D imaging to put you in a virtual landscape and give you games and activities to help treat any convergence insufficiency which is affecting your ability to focus. Sometimes, convergence insufficiency is undetected by schools, but through our therapy, we can see where the insufficiency lies and find ways of improving your vision.
  • Microprism Prismatic Integration – This is a further example of light therapy, which is designed to “massage” your eyes, using prism flippers and bars, so that your eyes work well with our micro prism lenses. It allows your eyes to adjust to these lenses, proper alignment ensuring and reducing the need for higher prescriptions. Prismatic integration works on a very deep level, understanding that it is not just your eyes that are adjusting but the ways you are subconsciously processing what you see.
  • Corrective Eyewear and Contacts. Along with our prism glasses, we will offer you a full range of contact lenses, whether you prefer dailies for more complex RGP lens prescriptions. We also have a huge variety of stylish and durable frames for you to choose from, all of which have a warranty and a great service option for whenever you need to repair or replace them.

Each of these treatments will be selected carefully following a complete assessment. It is important for us to get to the root of the problem before we treat you so that we can ensure you are receiving the most personalised care possible.

Improve Your Vision with Our Optometrist in Melbourne CBD

When you visit our optometry clinic in Melbourne CBD, you are going to hear a lot about screens and good habits. Like every other organ, your eyes require the care and maintenance that people often forget. And, like every other organ, your eyes will be affected by your health in general, so if you are experiencing eye strain or a decline in vision, there might be something else at work. For these reasons and more, our optometrists in Melbourne CBD isn’t just an optician, but a doctor who can read the signs that your eye health is sending out.

Choose our Optometrist in Melbourne seeking the Best Outcome for you

Our vision is powered by some of the most complicated physical and mental processes. How well we see can be affected by many things, both internal and external. Sometimes, we may not realise we have a problem with our eyes until it is identified by a qualified practitioner.

At Microprism Vision in Melbourne, our optometrist and QPS practitioner is trained to recognise any abnormalities in your eyes. By examining both the internal and external structure of the eyes, we can detect conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration. We not only use a variety of tests to assess your eye’s health condition, ability to focus and coordinate, see colours and depth, but we also understand that your eyesight can be affected by your habits, mind and body behaviour. We choose to look at vision and treat it in a holistic way.

Book Your Appointment at Our Optometry Clinic in Melbourne Today!

Though our optometrist is Melbourne based, we service all over the country and even abroad. When you first come to us, we will ask you for a complete history of your health, leaving nothing out so that we can identify any issues that might have informed your problems and vision. We will perform a one hour consultation, and we’ll start looking into options for treatment.

You can begin your eye rehabilitation today simply by asking a few questions. To discuss your issues, you can call, email, message us on any of our social media channels, book an appointment at our eye clinic in Melbourne through our dedicated online appointment scheduler (free short 360 vision test only) or simply call to book a Comprehensive Vision Test. If you are having issues with your eyes, don’t delay. We can help you take control of your eyes and health today! Read Less

Our Innovative Methodology Is Designed To ‘Work Out’ Your Eyes, Reverse Deterioration And Improve Eyesight Within 6 Months

At Microprism Vision, we don’t just look at the eyes in isolation. Instead, we take a holistic, multidimensional approach to eye health by dynamically assessing vision, mind and body as a single unit. After finding the underlying cause of your visual impairment, we prescribe top-quality prism lenses that are finely customised to your needs.

Wearing these glasses is like sending your eyes to the gym – except you don’t have to put in hours of exhausting work to see results. Instead, the lenses ‘work out’ your eyes simply by wearing them. Aiming to reduce deterioration, improve eyesight and health, and restore your quality of life.

Improving Eyesight Is A Massive Claim. But Don’t Worry, We Brought Proof…

If you’re a little sceptical about how this unique methodology works, we don’t blame you. You’ve probably read about or even tried ways to improve your eyesight – whether it’s with techniques such as eyerobics, or nutritional approaches like eating wild asparagus.

Our method is different – it’s backed by science and years of industry research. We don’t send you on a wild goose chase or give you conflicting advice. Instead, we aim to repair your visual impairment and improve your eyesight within 6 months. The results are measured and speak for themselves.

To date, our ground-breaking methodology has achieved some jaw-dropping results…


Average Improvement in Short Sightedness over 5 Visits

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Average Improvement in Long Sightedness over 5 Visits

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Average Improvement in Astigmatism over 5 Visits

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Average Improvement in Reading Addition over 5 Visits

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*The following data was extrapolated in 2015 from a sample of 2897 patients from the Microprism Vision patient database (all with 2 or more visits) and a total of 14,509 visits, with the number of visits for a particular patient varying from 2 to 33. A range of starting prescriptions of similar value were tracked over visits, plotting the average prescription changes over time.

Here’s How It Works…

Book In An Eye Test or Tele-Consult

If you’re ready to get started, there are 3 options to choose from. You can schedule a free 360° vision screening test, or you can book a comprehensive Quantum Photo Somatics test of your vision and eye health. If you’re unsure, and you’d like more information – book a free 10-minute, no-obligation telehealth consultation with our team.

We Find Out More About Your Vision

You’ll discuss your vision with our experienced optometrist, then we’ll devise a treatment that’s tailored to your specific needs and vision. This will include the use of Microprism™ lenses and prisms that aim to stop deterioration and improve your eyesight.

Follow Our Treatment Plan

Your new Microprism™ lenses will ‘work out’ your eyes as you wear them. They aim to change the way your eye muscles work, while supporting how your brain processes visual information… an integrative approach that has helped 1,000s of our clients improve their vision and health.

Monitor Results And Adjust Accordingly

The aim of your treatment plan is to improve your eyesight, mind and body function within 6 months – an aim we’re serious about achieving. If there is no improvement after wearing your Microprism™ lenses, we’ll make adjustments and replace your prescription free of charge!

Associations and Registrations

100-Day Microprism Guarantee

Quantum Photo-Somatics is a dynamic process, activating the system to begin rearranging and realigning itself to a state of ease. On average, follow-up consultations resulting in a change of prescription occur on a 6-monthly basis. In most cases this is a decrease of prescription, allowing the system to continue moving forward. Where a prescription has increased, it is an indicator that more support is required at that moment, and will likely come down when conditions change. 

However, if your new lenses aren’t delivering the comfort or improvement you expected within 100 days, we’re here for you. We’ll re-evaluate your eyes and make any adjustments that are required.

In the majority of cases, we find that a brief 15-30 minute consult suffices to determine the issue, and is usually a matter of further integration, or a slight adjustment to the prescription. These consultations are available free of charge within the 100 day warranty period. 

Progress and Support: In some cases, changes occuring as a result of the process may temporarily create some discomfort. Different stages of progress may require varying levels of support in order to reach the desired outcome. 

Consultation Fees: A consultation fee will be charged for consultations extending to an hour or more, given the extensive work involved.

Discounted Lenses: If the outcome of your consultation is a significant decrease of prescription, new lenses will be prescribed at a 30% discount. Lens remakes under warranty are not honored for obvious improvements.

Warranty Lens Remakes: If there’s another significant shift within the next 100 days, we will remake your lenses free of charge. 

As the outcomes of this work are highly individual, the application of this policy will have variability depending on the case, and is continually being adapted as the modality itself evolves.


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