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Eye tests include comprehensive functional and eye health assessments in relationship with the body and mind.

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Book A Comprehensive Vision Assessment

If you’re ready to improve your eye health, a comprehensive vision assessment is for you! This includes a full assessment of your vision, eyes and health with our experienced, qualified optometrist. Once we’ve assessed the issue, we’ll write a prescription for prism lenses that are tailored to your specific needs.

The aim of this prescription will be to improve your eyesight within 6 months, and improve any related health problems you may be experiencing – whether that be painful headaches, dizziness, low energy or reduced performance.

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    Book a Comprehensive Vision Test

    Book A Comprehensive Vision Assessment

    If you’re ready to improve your eye health, a comprehensive vision assessment is for you! This includes a full assessment of your vision, eyes and health with our experienced, qualified optometrist. Once we’ve assessed the issue, we’ll write a prescription for prism lenses that are tailored to your specific needs.

    The aim of this prescription will be to improve your eyesight within 6 months, and improve any related health problems you may be experiencing – whether that be painful headaches, dizziness, low energy or reduced performance.

      What are Eye Tests Used For?

      Eye exams include comprehensive functional and eye health assessments in relationship with the body and mind. From screening to the Comprehensive QPS testing we look at the complementary relationship between vision, mind and body

      These tests are beneficial for the appreciation of the health and functional status of the eyes to confirm diagnoses and monitor improvement or regression of visual ability.

      Types of Eye Tests on Offer

      We offer a full range of eye tests in Melbourne:

      Retinal Photography

      This photography is used to document any abnormalities of disease process affecting the back of the eye and diseases such as diabetes, age-macular degeneration, glaucoma, neoplasm of choroid, optic nerve issues etc.

      Optical Coherence Tomography – OCT

      3D detailed images from within the biological tissue of the eye/retina and cross sections of the retina

      Corneal Topography and Tear Analysis

      This process maps the surface curvature of the cornea, the outer structure of the eye and tear health

      Visual Fields Testing & Analysis

      Used to monitor central and peripheral vision and monitor glaucoma, driving tests, central field loss, stroke analysis etc.

      Non Contact Tonometry

      This is a technique of measuring the pressures of the eyes without the use of local anaesthetics. It is a machine that measures the reflected puff of air pressure. It is used for glaucoma testing and monitoring


      Retinocopy is the use of a special scope to determine short, long and astigmatic vision and anomalies of focus for close vision. It helps in the determination of lens and prism amounts for the redirection of vision


      A computerised system to determine a starting off point in refraction for a given patient.

      360 degree screening test

      You’ll try on prism lenses while we test your vision under real world conditions – seated, standing, walking, at a distance, and in close range to a screen and objects. You’ll experience the benefits of prism first-hand!

      Comprehensive Eye test

      Dynamic testing conditions providing full assessment of your vision, eyes and health, with respect to mind and body.

      Supporting and enhancing visual physiology to be balanced for great vision and positively affect the rest of the body, wellness and performance.

      Colour Blind Eye Exam

      We do screening for general colour vision deficiencies and can advise on its effects on lifestyle and even the choice of career. If a higher degree and determination of the exact amount of colour vision deficiency is required, we can refer on to the appropriate professional bodies.

      Eye Test FAQs

      What types of eye tests are available at your clinic?

      We offer a variety of eye tests including comprehensive eye exams, children’s vision assessments, contact lens fittings, and screenings for conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures accurate and thorough examinations.

      How often should I get my eyes tested?

      Adults should typically have an eye test every two years. However, if you are over 40, have a known eye condition, or have noticed changes in your vision, annual tests are recommended. Children should have their vision checked at least once by age three and before starting school.

      What should I bring to my eye examination?

      Please bring any current prescription glasses or contact lenses you use, along with a list of any medications you are taking. If you have optical insurance, bring your insurance card to help us assist you with claims.

      How long will my eye test take?

      A standard eye test usually takes about 30 minutes. However, if you are undergoing more comprehensive screenings or first-time fittings for contact lenses, it may take longer.

      Can I book an eye test online?

      Yes, you can easily book your eye test online through our website. Just visit our booking page, select a suitable time and date, and confirm your appointment. You’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details.

      Is there any cost associated with an eye test, and will it be covered by Medicare or private insurance?

      The cost of an eye test varies. Many of our services are covered by major health insurance plans. We also offer bulk billing for eligible patients under Medicare. Please check with your insurance provider for specific coverage details.

      What can I expect during an eye test?

      Your eye test will include a series of examinations to assess your visual acuity, eye health, and functionality. Tests may involve reading from an eye chart, using a phoropter to determine the best lens prescription for you, and examining the health of your eyes with specialised equipment.

      Why are regular eye tests important?

      Regular eye tests are crucial not only for ensuring proper vision but also for detecting eye diseases and conditions that could potentially lead to vision loss if untreated. These tests can also identify other health issues, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

      What age should children begin to have eye tests?

      Children should have their first comprehensive eye test by the age of three. Regular tests are important as early detection and treatment of vision problems are critical to a child’s development and learning.

      How do I prepare for an eye test?

      On the day of your test, avoid wearing eye makeup and bring sunglasses for comfort, as some tests may involve dilating your pupils. If you’re a contact lens wearer, bring your glasses as well, in case your optometrist recommends not wearing lenses immediately after the test.

      100-Day Perfect
      Prescription Guarantee

      Quantum Photo-Somatics is a dynamic process, activating the system to begin rearranging and realigning itself to a state of ease. On average, follow-up consultations resulting in a change of prescription occur on a 6-monthly basis. In most cases this is a decrease of prescription, allowing the system to continue moving forward. Where a prescription has increased, it is an indicator that more support is required at that moment, and will likely come down when conditions change. 

      However, if your new lenses aren’t delivering the comfort or improvement you expected within 100 days, we’re here for you. We’ll re-evaluate your eyes and make any adjustments that are required.

      In the majority of cases, we find that a brief 15-30 minute consult suffices to determine the issue, and is usually a matter of further integration, or a slight adjustment to the prescription. These consultations are available free of charge within the 100 day warranty period. 

      • Progress and Support: In some cases, changes occuring as a result of the process may temporarily create some discomfort. Different stages of progress may require varying levels of support in order to reach the desired outcome. 
      • Consultation Fees: A consultation fee will be charged for consultations extending to an hour or more, given the extensive work involved.
      • Discounted Lenses: If the outcome of your consultation is a significant decrease of prescription, new lenses will be prescribed at a 30% discount. Lens remakes under warranty are not honored for obvious improvements.
      • Warranty Lens Remakes: If there’s another significant shift within the next 100 days, lens remakes we will remake your lenses free of charge. 

      As the outcomes of this work are highly individual, the application of this policy will have variability depending on the case, and is continually being adapted as the modality itself evolves.

      Experience the Latest in Eye Tests with Microprism Vision

      At Microprism Vision, we work at the cutting-edge of developments in behavioural optometry and Quantum Photo Somatics. Our Docklands clinic takes a holistic approach, making full use of the most current technologies for vision therapy for adults and children. We can prescribe glasses and a range of other therapies to help correct your eye condition. Call us today to book in for an eye exam on (03) 9606 0330. Read More

      Early Signs that You Should Seek Out Eye Tests in Melbourne

      Most of us like to believe that illness or changes in ability are always only temporary. We are so used to full functionality in all our physical processes that any dip or slight change is barely worth registering. But, as any doctor can tell you, certain changes are worth heeding, and among the most important of these is our sight.

      Our eye tests in Melbourne are about more than just treating poor vision. Often, changes in vision and sensitivity around your eyes can be to do with other parts of your anatomy. It’s one of the reasons it is so important to have regular eye exams. You never know what might be caught early!

      Vision Loss

      One of the most telling signs that your eyes can give that something is wrong is a gradual or sudden loss of vision. We would hope that a total loss of sight would have you running to the nearest emergency room, but even a slight change in perception should convince you to undertake an eye exam in Melbourne. Vision loss can be linked to all kinds of underlying conditions, not least of which is both type 1 and 2 diabetes.

      Bloodshot Eyes

      There are a great many reasons, too, for having red and puffy eyes. The most common is allergies which can be easily controlled with antihistamines and eye drops. But if you cannot otherwise explain the redness, there may be other things at play, such as high blood pressure.


      As with all your anatomy, the signs of inflammation around your eye are a signal that something is wrong. You might have a foreign object which has found its way under your eyelid, or there may be other underlying conditions, such as Shingles, Measles or Lyme Disease.


      Again, itchiness can often be something that will pass and is often associated with allergies or hay fever. But if you are suffering from long term itchiness that doesn’t go away with antihistamines, it is worth coming into Melbourne for an eye exam. At times, prolonged itchiness has been linked to liver disease or autoimmune issues, and the sooner you are able to detect these problems, the more effective your treatment will be.

      Colour Loss

      Another issue you might encounter is the loss or fading of certain colours. Whilst it is true that many people have levels of colour blindness from birth, there are many instances where it can come later in life as well. It might be a slow change in your perception of red or green, blue or yellow, or, in more severe but rare cases, a complete loss of colour perception. It is often inherited but can also be the result of disease or damage to the optic nerve. You can book a colour eye exam if you are unsure. There are even certain medications that have the side effect of a loss in colour perception.

      Sharp Pain

      There are many reasons why you might have sudden or sharp pains around or behind the eye. Sometimes it is something as innocuous as overly dry eyes, which make them sensitive to light. Other times, it might be that you have a substandard prescription, in which case it is a good time to come for a vision exam in Melbourne. There may also be more serious conditions at play, including intraocular pressure or even haemorrhaging or stroke, in which case it is imperative that you get to a hospital right away, certainly if the pain is unbearable.

      It’s important to mention that all the above mentioned conditions could also occur due to incorrect and poor prescriptions, not only preexisting healths issues. We recommend consulting a professional optometrist in Melbourne.

      Get an Eye Test & Assessment Using the Latest Diagnostic Techniques

      Here is a brief summary of what some these diagnostic tools mean:

      Neuro-rehabilitative Optometry

      This form of optometry assists with the integration of neurologically (brain) based issues that can affect vision, for example closed brain injuries, from motor car accidents or concussion. It also includes vision, brain and body integration for patients with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, post operative care and other neurological degenerative diseases and anomalies.

      At our Docklands clinic, we believe that vision is a major part of brain processing and changing muscle use, and vision using appropriate microprism and lens combinations can affect neurological pathways.

      Behavioural Optometry

      Specific process, function and task-related: behavioural optometry deals with a variety of processing disorders such as dyslexia and concentration issues. ADHD and various forms of autism are also facilitated into a greater ease of visual consciousness that has positive effects on behaviour. Changing spatial context and perspective using appropriate lens and prism can positively affect and change these conditions.

      Quantum Photo-Somatics (QPS):

      Vision is not a process that occurs in isolation to the rest of the body. It affects posture, balance, movement, intention and even emotions. QPS looks at the connection of all of these domains so that they can work seamlessly together giving a more enriching experience to see, feel, be and do well. Testing is primarily done under binocular conditions with ambient lighting, not isolating the two eyes. Although we have two eyes we have one vision that needs to be coordinated in conjunction with the rest of the body to work well together. All patients at our Docklands clinic can benefit from this process.

      Microprism Glasses

      These prism glasses aim to deliver holistic vision training, reduced lower prescriptions and vision, mind and body improvement as described on this website.

      Microprism Prismatic Integration – Dispensing

      Prismatic Integration can be explained as the process of massaging the eyes with light to trigger integration with the microprism lenses.

      We value and respect your decision to purchase your new prescription glasses from Microprism Vision. Part of the process of ensuring good, clear vision and adaptation to your new lenses is the dynamic prismatic integration process, which uses lenses and specific movements of prisms (flippers) and prism bars, in front of your new glasses to ensure exact alignment. This process is carried out on collection of your new script from our Docklands premises.

      Prismatic integration, when done correctly, allows for an ease of vision and the various parts of the visual system to become more harmonised with each other. The ability to regulate visual processing is easier. Prismatic Integration realigns the visual system and brings back the visual posture you had at the time of your initial or subsequent follow-up consultations, at which your script was determined. It also helps adaptation to progressive lenses.

      This is important, as after your initial or subsequent consultations with Dr Michael, your visual system, while in transition, can switch back to its old patterns based on experience, habit and wearing your old glasses. A person can be locked into a way of seeing which can make adaptation to the new form of prescription difficult. A prismatic integration is a reset and eye work up using light at both conscious and subconscious levels.

      Even if you feel you see reasonably well by just putting your new glasses on yourself, you may be missing a small part of the clearer vision that could be obtained if you had experienced the prismatic integration. It is also important that the frame is adjusted and sitting correctly on your face. Understandably, coming to collect your prescription can be difficult for people from far-away places, but please call our Optometrist in Docklands practice and ask to speak to Dr Michael if you suspect any difficulty in adapting to your new lenses and he will endeavour to help via a call or Skype session.

      Virtual Reality (Vivid Vision)

      The dynamic realignment of binocular vision anomalies including lazy eyes – amblyopia, eye movement disorders, turned eyes – tropias and Visual Personal Training for high performance in sport and cognitive demand of study and work.

      Contact Lenses

      We supply a full spectrum contact lens service ranging from daily disposables to complex RGP contact lens prescriptions.

      Retinal Photography

      This photography is used to document any abnormalities of disease process affecting the eye and disease such as diabetes, age-macular degeneration, glaucoma, neoplasm of choroid, cranial nerves, retinal or eyeball.

      Applied Kinesiology

      Applied Kinesiology can help diagnosis of illness by testing muscles for strength and weakness. It’s a way of obtaining feedback from the body on the state of its health.

      Optical Coherence Tomography

      3D detailed images from within the biological tissue of the eye/retina.

      Corneal Topography

      This process maps the surface curvature of the cornea, the outer structure of the eye.

      Visual Fields Testing & Analysis

      Used to monitor central and peripheral vision and monitor glaucoma.

      Nutrition for Vision & Body

      We can recommend a variety of supplementation for vision and body health.

      Frame Selection & Service

      We offer a comprehensive and diverse range of modern frame brands and models and a complete service and warranty of frames.

      Why Book with Microprism Vision?

      When it comes to any aspect of your health, you never want to compromise or go to someone you don’t trust. You want to give yourself the best. Booking your eye test in Melbourne with Microprism Vision is a well-sought-after and justified option. You will receive a friendly service that will make you feel comfortable and at ease and where everyone you meet will be helpful. You can also rest assured you will be treated and examined by an optometrist and doctor in the field with extensive knowledge and many years of experience. Apart from that, there are some other reasons we should be your first option:

      • We take a holistic approach to your eye health, which allows us to consider the whole rather than focus on one symptom
      • We use a wide range of different diagnostic methods to ensure accuracy and a thorough examination
      • We have access to the latest technology and a wide range of high-tech diagnostic tools that help us give you an accurate diagnosis and a thorough examination
      • With these methods and tools, we go in-depth.
      • We’re able to provide a range of services to help you once a diagnosis has been reached, including unique lens and prism prescriptions, that aim to reduce your prescription and improve vision, mind, and body function.

      Book An Eye Test Today

      The initial consultation and eye test in Melbourne will usually involve a dynamic visual assessment, photography of the eye with a retinal camera, optical coherence tomography and corneal topography. Sometimes a pressure test and applied kinesiology are also used to identify muscle issues that may be contributing to eye problems. Kinesiology offers a way to ‘talk’ to the body through muscle testing in order to find the areas that are experiencing difficulty.

      How Frequently Should You Get an Eye Check in Melbourne?

      The human body can vary wildly, so there is no rule set in stone for regular eye exams.

      We recommend at least every six months.

      Your optometrist might recommend an annual exam if you suffer from conditions like diabetes or glaucoma. It all comes down to your unique circumstances and what your trusted medical professional recommends for you.

      It’s especially crucial to keep regularity with eye exams, even if seemingly nothing is wrong. Eye exams are not only for when you believe there’s an issue; they can help detect issues early, when they’re most treatable and inoffensive. The vast majority of conditions which affect the eye move gradually, and they can be very hard to spot until they have advanced significantly. At that point, treatment might be harder, costlier, or much, much slower. That is considering that eye treatment is almost never speedy to begin with.

      With Microprism Vision, the sooner you come to us, the sooner we can start to offer treatment. That doesn’t mean that we cannot help if your eyesight issues are highly advanced or have been around for years. In fact, the positive side of coming to us with advanced or long-standing conditions is that the difference in your quality of life will be massive. Our Quantum Photo Somatics treatments will help you extend the treatment of your eyesight to your mind and body; that way, as your eyesight improves, so will your mood, mental health, energy levels, and physical health. After all, those connections already exist in your physiology; our treatments simply capitalise on them. By getting one of our eye exams, you can discover what sort of treatment is best for you.

      How to Book an Eye Test

      Book an eye test with us, it couldn’t be easier. Simply choose one of the options below. You can also call us on (03) 9606 0330 anytime to speak to someone. Let us help you out! If it’s time for an eye test, book one with us.
      Read Less

      Assess & Treat eye health and vision in a holistic, integrated way

      Personalise prescriptions to activate, integrate and motivate

      Improve vision with activating, supportive prescriptions

      Fine tune your vision, mind and body to improve wellbeing and function

      Increase coordination, energy and performance

      Open up new states of perception and awareness

      Associations and Registrations

      Here’s How It Works…

      Book In An Eye Test or Tele-Consult

      If you’re ready to get started, there are 3 options to choose from. You can schedule a free 360° vision screening test, or you can book a comprehensive Quantum Photo Somatics test of your vision and eye health. If you’re unsure, and you’d like more information – book a free 10-minute, no-obligation telehealth consultation with our team.

      We Find Out More About Your Vision

      You’ll discuss your vision with our experienced optometrist, then we’ll devise a treatment that’s tailored to your specific needs and vision. This will include the use of Microprism™ lenses and prisms that aim to stop deterioration and improve your eyesight.

      Follow Our Treatment Plan

      Your new Microprism™ lenses will ‘work out’ your eyes as you wear them. They aim to change the way your eye muscles work, while supporting how your brain processes visual information… an integrative approach that has helped 1,000s of our clients improve their vision and health.

      Monitor Results And Adjust Accordingly

      The aim of your treatment plan is to improve your eyesight, mind and body function within 6 months – an aim we’re serious about achieving. If there is no improvement after wearing your Microprism™ lenses, we’ll make adjustments and replace your prescription free of charge!

      Need More Information?
      Take A Look At Our FAQs

      What kinds of vision and health conditions do you help?

      We help a range of vision and other health related problems by redirecting how light is presented to the body. People present with a range of issues including but not limited to:

      • Sensitive eyes
      • Poor vision
      • Frustrated with vision
      • Worsening vision
      • Balance issues
      • Complex issues
      • Subconscious issues
      • Low energy
      • Low motivation
      • Vertigo
      • Dizziness
      • Dyslexia
      • Double vision
      • Post stroke
      • Post accident or injury
      • Closed brain injury
      • Concussion
      • Post trauma
      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Emotional stress
      • Stress
      • Psychological issues
      • Physical ailments
      • Physical injuries
      • Aches and pains
      • Mobility issues
      • Visual processing
      • Performance and learning issues
      • Turned eye
      • Dry eyes
      • Lazy eyes
      • Nausea
      What is the difference between what you do and others?

      We take a unique approach to vision and eye health by holistically and dynamically assessing vision, mind and body as a complete unit, working on conscious and subconscious levels.

      Our unique methodology, Quantum (Energy) Photo (Light) Somatics (Body Movement) (QPS) has been developed by Dr Michael Christian. QPS supports Optometry and is an endorsed and accredited field with the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies)

      It engages a real time integrative feedback system of many factors, making adjustments, counter checks and further adjustments through the process.

      Light uniquely and appropriately refracted through lens and prism combinations support and change factors such as breath, posture, balance, muscles, energy, nerves, emotions, movement and body functions, which in turn aims to positively affect the eyes and vision.

      Once we understand the wearers profile, we prescribe balanced, highly customised, activating lens and prism prescriptions. These lenses aim to change the way the wearers eye muscles work while supporting how the brain processes visual information.

      Just as you work out your body with weights and movement, the glasses we prescribe act as a personal trainer for your eyes that are designed to work just by wearing them, without the hassle of boring and limited time-consuming eye exercises.

      The lenses aim to also encourage improvement of health conditions that are linked to, being caused by or exacerbated by poor vision, while aiming to avoid the usual deterioration of vision commonly experienced by long-term glasses wearers. The eyes affect the mind and body, and the mind and body affect the eyes.Both need optimal support. These links and relationships are thoroughly investigated in depth for each person.

      How do lenses and prism encourage positive visual change or improvement?

      Just as good air, food and water provides integral fuel for the body, good light, presented correctly, provides integral fuel for vision and mind.

      The function of your eyes has a flow on effect to the rest of your mind and body. Just as changing any nerve or muscle group in the body does.

      Microprism integrative prescriptions are derived by focusing two eyes together in specific binocular refractive patterns for clear perspective and detail discrimination. In Microprism progressive lens manufacturing, the prism is located in unique non-traditional active locations to ensure clear, open, comfortable and dynamic vision. Microprism directional prisms (up, down, in and out summations) are located differently and affect eye muscles, changing eye shape and location and the perception of objects within a space. The internal shift on eye muscles via the incoming prism re-directed light, effects and brings into alignment and balance, how near, distance and perspective are observed. This ideal state of alignment brings ease to the optical, motor and sensory system and has a positive flow on effect to the rest of the body. Light feeds the whole biophotonic transduction system of the body.


      Book A Free 360° Vision Test

      Since 2001, Microprism Vision’s have helped over 9,315 people to improve their vision and eye health, and it can all start with a free 10 minute, 360° vision test!

      You’ll try on prism lenses while we test your vision under real world conditions – seated, standing, walking, at a distance, and in close range to a screen and objects. You’ll experience the benefits of prism first-hand!

      Book your free test with us today and start your journey to better vision.

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