Science-Backed Microprism™ Lenses Aim To Improve Vision ‘Like A Gym For Your Eyes’

Sick of wearing glasses or contact lenses? Suffer from headaches, dizziness and brain fog while your sight and quality of life deteriorate? Then you need to see this…

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We can take for granted just how much information our eyes process on a daily basis. The iris, pupil, and sclera that we see when we look at an eye are only a small part of a much bigger process that can be affected – or damaged – by all kinds of physiological functions. That means that while we can use traditional methods to correct our eyesight, there may be much more at play if you have problems with vision than you might previously have thought.

As a leading optometrist in Geelong, we are keen to discover the reasons why your eyesight might be deteriorating. In times gone by, there may have often been an assumption that it was just “part of the ageing process”, that there was simply nothing you could do about losing your vision. But evidence shows that eyesight can be improved when diagnostic methods have been properly applied.

Geelong Optometrist And Quantum Photo Somatics Physician Aims To Improve Your Vision Within 6 Months

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?

Is impaired vision impacting your health and overall quality of life?

You may believe there’s no way to resolve these issues… that your vision and health will slowly deteriorate until you need thick coke bottle lenses just to see your reflection in the mirror.

At Microprism Vision, we want to reverse this long-held belief. Combining innovative prism lenses with a science-backed methodology, we aim to not only prevent further deterioration in your eyesight, but actively improve it within 6 months. Read More

Trying to Find an Optometrist in Geelong?

Melbourne’s eye exams have become more advanced, and it has become clearer that there is a whole range of health issues that can affect your vision. When you come to see our optometrist in Geelong our mission is to help you understand what those might be. With over 25 years of experience in the field of eye health, our founder, Dr Michael Christian, has drawn on the constant stream of research into vision and vision-related health issues to create a service that seeks to improve your eyesight.

Where older methods, employed by opticians of the past, sought only to keep the worst effects of vision decline at bay, our optometry is an effort to build up the processes that go into vision. We seek to:

  • Reduce eye strain,
  • Remove the discomfort that can come from poor muscle formation
  • Take a complete look at how your lifestyle might be adversely affecting your vision.

With the help of our optometrists in Geelong, you will benefit from greater mental clarity, a better understanding of your eyes and how your habits can improve (or deteriorate) your eye health.

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We are always ready to take on new clients and always pleased to help people out with whatever issues they are having with their health. When you book a consultation with our Geelong’s optometrist, we will ask for as much detail as we possibly can about your medical history so that we can have a full understanding of the issues you have faced and how your health might have contributed to a deterioration in your eyesight.

Even if you aren’t entirely sure what exactly the problem is, even if you feel like it might only be a passing issue, we urge you to get in touch today. Talk to us via our online messaging service or pick up the phone call us, and we can give you the best advice available. Once you have an understanding of the kind of services you might require, you can then book your appointment with us with our dedicated online booking system, and we’ll look forward to welcoming you to our clinic and the best optometrist in Geelong! Read Less

Our Innovative Methodology Is Designed To ‘Work Out’ Your Eyes, Reverse Deterioration And Improve Eyesight Within 6 Months

At Microprism Vision, we don’t just look at the eyes in isolation. Instead, we take a holistic, multidimensional approach to eye health by dynamically assessing vision, mind and body as a single unit. After finding the underlying cause of your visual impairment, we prescribe top-quality prism lenses that are finely customised to your needs.

Wearing these glasses is like sending your eyes to the gym – except you don’t have to put in hours of exhausting work to see results. Instead, the lenses ‘work out’ your eyes simply by wearing them. Aiming to reduce deterioration, improve eyesight and health, and restore your quality of life.

Improving Eyesight Is A Massive Claim. But Don’t Worry, We Brought Proof…

If you’re a little sceptical about how this unique methodology works, we don’t blame you. You’ve probably read about or even tried ways to improve your eyesight – whether it’s with techniques such as eyerobics, or nutritional approaches like eating wild asparagus.

Our method is different – it’s backed by science and years of industry research. We don’t send you on a wild goose chase or give you conflicting advice. Instead, we aim to repair your visual impairment and improve your eyesight within 6 months. The results are measured and speak for themselves.

To date, our ground-breaking methodology has achieved some jaw-dropping results…


Average Improvement in Short Sightedness over 5 Visits

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Average Improvement in Long Sightedness over 5 Visits

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Average Improvement in Astigmatism over 5 Visits

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Average Improvement in Reading Addition over 5 Visits

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*The following data was extrapolated in 2015 from a sample of 2897 patients from the Microprism Vision patient database (all with 2 or more visits) and a total of 14,509 visits, with the number of visits for a particular patient varying from 2 to 33. A range of starting prescriptions of similar value were tracked over visits, plotting the average prescription changes over time.

Here’s How It Works…

Book In An Eye Test or Tele-Consult

If you’re ready to get started, there are 3 options to choose from. You can schedule a free 360° vision screening test, or you can book a comprehensive Quantum Photo Somatics test of your vision and eye health. If you’re unsure, and you’d like more information – book a free 10-minute, no-obligation telehealth consultation with our team.

We Find Out More About Your Vision

You’ll discuss your vision with our experienced optometrist, then we’ll devise a treatment that’s tailored to your specific needs and vision. This will include the use of Microprism™ lenses and prisms that aim to stop deterioration and improve your eyesight.

Follow Our Treatment Plan

Your new Microprism™ lenses will ‘work out’ your eyes as you wear them. They aim to change the way your eye muscles work, while supporting how your brain processes visual information… an integrative approach that has helped 1,000s of our clients improve their vision and health.

Monitor Results And Adjust Accordingly

The aim of your treatment plan is to improve your eyesight, mind and body function within 6 months – an aim we’re serious about achieving. If there is no improvement after wearing your Microprism™ lenses, we’ll make adjustments and replace your prescription free of charge!

Associations and Registrations

100-Day Microprism Guarantee

Quantum Photo-Somatics is a dynamic process, activating the system to begin rearranging and realigning itself to a state of ease. On average, follow-up consultations resulting in a change of prescription occur on a 6-monthly basis. In most cases this is a decrease of prescription, allowing the system to continue moving forward. Where a prescription has increased, it is an indicator that more support is required at that moment, and will likely come down when conditions change. 

However, if your new lenses aren’t delivering the comfort or improvement you expected within 100 days, we’re here for you. We’ll re-evaluate your eyes and make any adjustments that are required.

In the majority of cases, we find that a brief 15-30 minute consult suffices to determine the issue, and is usually a matter of further integration, or a slight adjustment to the prescription. These consultations are available free of charge within the 100 day warranty period. 

Progress and Support: In some cases, changes occuring as a result of the process may temporarily create some discomfort. Different stages of progress may require varying levels of support in order to reach the desired outcome. 

Consultation Fees: A consultation fee will be charged for consultations extending to an hour or more, given the extensive work involved.

Discounted Lenses: If the outcome of your consultation is a significant decrease of prescription, new lenses will be prescribed at a 30% discount. Lens remakes under warranty are not honored for obvious improvements.

Warranty Lens Remakes: If there’s another significant shift within the next 100 days, we will remake your lenses free of charge. 

As the outcomes of this work are highly individual, the application of this policy will have variability depending on the case, and is continually being adapted as the modality itself evolves.


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